Why Do Businesses Need Content Marketing?

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Content marketing has been valued as an important part of business. His role was even considered effective in developing an online business. So, if you are an online businessman, start to learn how to create and apply it.

In the digital age, customers tend to prefer to interact with content that interests them. This is certainly contrary to traditional marketing. Therefore, online marketers must follow the trends in the development of today’s lifestyle.

When viewed statistically, content marketing can increase conversion rates. No half-hearted, the possibility of increase can reach 6 times. Aberdeen Group has conducted a study. The results of the study show that the average conversion rate of websites that implement content marketing is 2.9%. Meanwhile, those who don’t apply only get a 0.5% conversion rate.

Every marketer should not have doubts about content marketing. Because, if you want to dig it, there are many studies that can explain how powerful the effectiveness of content marketing is to e-commerce.

Well, here we will explain what will be helped by the presence of content marketing:

1.Brand Awareness

Content marketing can strengthen the relationship between brands and customers. Customers will feel closer and more positive with a brand that is able to produce special content. By doing so, content marketing becomes a valuable strategy to strengthen good relations with customers.

The more successful the content is, the easier it will be for customers to remember your brand. For example, you create a content that contains a complete guide. Then, most likely you will be seen as an expert in the niche you have.

2. Expanding the Target Customer Network

Social media has now become a target to attract many customers. The reason, the people of Indonesia are the biggest active users of social media in the world. Therefore, join with social media customers. Make content as interesting as possible, useful, and relevant to your business. Then, post on social media to attract potential customers.

3. As a Tool to Build Loyalty

If you create good content, then customers will return after they buy your brand. In short, content marketing can help you to generate repeat purchases from customers.

4. As a Form of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy

Content marketing is also one of the SEO strategies. However, you must pay attention to the form and quality of the content. You must create SEO friendly content to be liked by the audience and search engines.

5. Capable of Influencing Conversions

If the audience enjoys the content that you share, they will always feel closer to the brand. That way, it will open to links to actions, or links that point to your product. These opportunities will open conversion opportunities. Not only that, content marketing will direct the audience to the page that suits their needs.

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