What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Why Is It Important?


SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It is very popular nowadays. It is significance could be understood from the name being chanted everywhere online. And for a Web Editor is it a compulsion to get into the genuine definition of SEO. Along with the door of possibilities, it opens up for any online business

What does SEO mean?

Search Engine Optimization better known as SEO is a cluster of protocols pursued by blog or a webpage by the site admin for development of the websites. This is done with the purpose of Search Engine Optimization hence rank up for better search engine result page (SERP). Apart from that, it is a convenient method to be preferred by pushing it more toward being user-friendly, snappy and convenient to helm a website. Additionally SEO can be regarded as the skeleton as the entire procedure has a cluster of protocols, a couple of procedures and a set of controls.

What is the reason behind the significance of SEO?

To get in the top 5 suggestion list on Search Engine Result Page it is mandatory to grab leverage of this and to snag the visitors. This may help and act as a helping hand to get visible on top most position. The predominance of Search Engine Optimization can be better understood when going through the mentioned pointers

  • Search engine optimization not just covers search engines but with decent SEO exercise helps in the improvisation of the experience of the customers of the site. And also enhances the website’s usability.
  • People have faith in the search engine and on top of that the being able to get on the top spot for the user the keywords are looking for enhances websites credibility.
  • SEO is superior for the promotion on social platform of the website. The users who come across the website while preferring search engines like Google and Yahoo are much more prone to advertise it on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & various other social media platforms.
  • Search Engine Optimization is vital for the efficient functioning of a humongous website. The sites having. Those sites having multiple authors are likely to gain a much more advantageous edge as compared to the websites just having one.
  • Multiple author web page is more likely to receive both direct and indirect advantages.
  • The direct benefits could be most probably boost in the traffic via search engine
  • While the indirect benefit may include is having a basic structure to be preferred before it getting published as content on the site
  • Search engine asserts those individuals forward in contention. Let’s take a scenario, just in case 2 sites dealing in the same stuff and services for the customers. The search engine will definitely put forth the optimized site first and let the site have more and more customers and gain more sales.

What are the chief layers of the Search Engine Optimization operation?

The Search Engine Optimization is not a stable procedure but much of a basic structure which needs to follow protocols and restriction to work. This explanation is based on the above-scribbled content.

For ease in understanding, SEO could be divided into 3 prime stages

  • Technical SEO – Technical SEO extends support which gives assurance that the search engines make it a point to crawl and index the website with ease
  • On-Site SEO – These are the protocols following which the website content could be turned from irrelevant to user-friendly.
  • Off-Site SEO – These are the methods which could prove itself a promo of your blog or website just for a comparably a better ranking.

Further Explanation

  • Technical SEO

The first stage of the SEO procedure is known as technical SEO. As it could be understood right from the term itself. The technical SEO has absolutely not a single thing to do with the content of website or site promotion methodology used. Actually, it has to do with settings that need to be adjusted or tuned to ease the life of the search engine crawlers. It is a one-off. In simple words, you just need to tune it up once, and that will be all. You don’t need to give it another look again. While on the other hand if the terms indexing and crawling are not comfortable for you? Then it is highly probable that it may have a negative effect on the search engine results page.

The second stage is that of On-Site SEO. The On-Site SEO has to primarily deal with the various elements and the content which are seen on a page. Dissimilar to technical and off-site SEO is to try and channel the attention of the web crawlers. Attention with respect to creating enough indications for them to understand the background and meaning of the content. Call in that the search engines can not go through pages just like humans do. So they are constantly on the hunt to look for indications to understand what the page holds. It is when you attempt to deal with the framework of the site, title optimizations, channelled data markup, image SEO and various other methodologies to get around to deliver the accurate indications for the search engines. The perfect use may enhance the utilization and reliability or website or blog.

  • Off-site SEO

The third and final stage stands to be Off-site SEO. Apart from the advancements which could be achieved on the website just that may it may probably on the search engine page results (SERPs). In this we increase ranking with help of off page techniques like Guest post, ppt submission, forum submission, document sharing etc. The alternate method to get it done is to enhance the website ranking spot is by taking into consideration the Off-site SEO methodologies.


In today’s open market, SEO has become a vital component of marketing than one could have ever pictured. Millions of users are catered by search engines every day. On a quest for answers to their queries or solution to the various issues. It is vital for a business or site or blog to extend the line of business and achieve the milestone.


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