The reason the website fails to attract the attention of visitors

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Creating a website for a business is no longer an exclusive thing that only a few business actors can have. Now, having a website for a business is a must to invest in increasing sales and business popularity. However, unfortunately not all business people are able to develop their website, so that the pages created fail to attract the attention of visitors. So, want to know what are the reasons for websites failing to attract the attention of visitors and potential customers? Check out the details in the following article!

Difficult to Access Website Via Cellphone

It is no secret that the use of mobile phones, especially smartphones, has surpassed the use of tablets and desktops in accessing the internet. With the mobile revolution causing the use of mobile phones to continue to grow around the world, the trend of using mobile phones anywhere and anytime online is growing.

So, creating a content heavy website that is not mobile-friendly is a big mistake and can be the reason websites fail to attract visitors. With more mobile internet users, it will be difficult to increase website traffic that is difficult or even inaccessible from cell phones.

In addition, this can decrease and worsen your website’s predicate in Google’s eyes, because a website that is heavy and not mobile-friendly generally reduces conversion intensity and can give users a bad experience.

So, to ensure that your website is friendly to open via any gadget, make sure that your website design is light and responsive. Try to create a simple layout. To make sure you can do a simple test using a tool like the Google Search Console Mobile Friendly Test.

Does not have content or the content is outdated and rarely updates

The most important part of a website is content. Without content, the website will be empty and meaningless. So, it is mandatory for businesses to create content if they have a website.

However, it’s not just once or twice that a website needs to be filled with content. It takes perseverance and routine in filling the website with content. Because, outdated content and websites that are rarely updated will also be just as useless later on.

A website that is rarely, or even only once or twice updated, will be considered an untrusted website and is not maintained. Visitors will hesitate to think that your business is still running if the website you use doesn’t show life.

In addition, websites with sparse or little content also make them rank low on Google search pages. It will be difficult for potential visitors to find you via Google’s search page. This is because the content on the website can be used as an increase in SEO rankings and attracting organic traffic from potential customers.

Annoying, Cluttered, and Outdated Design and Layout

A website that has an obnoxious, cluttered, outdated design and layout lacks credibility. Usually, websites that have automatic music or video settings, are full of cluttered banner ads, have a bold text color design can be categorized as websites with annoying and cluttered designs and layouts.

These annoying things can cause potential visitors to immediately leave your website. It could be that they don’t want to open and visit your website anymore because they are confused with the design and layout that is installed. So, avoid the causes and reasons for the website failing on this one.

Lacks a Clear Call to Action

Just creating content without including a clear call to action will confuse visitors with what your business has to offer. So, it’s best to provide clear instructions in the form of a sentence, link, or call-to-action button for your business.

You can enter a phone number, email address, or Dropbox that has a free sign up button for your business. That way your website can increase its conversion and this will have a good impact on the growth of your business website.

So, you already know, right, what are the reasons a website fails to attract visitors? If you already know, immediately avoid these things and do what should be done. Don’t let the website that you have paid for become a futile investment that ends up being useless.

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