Recommended Ways to Overcome Duplicate WordPress Content

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Maintaining a good website is not an easy matter. There are so many things to check and pay attention to so that it does not become a problem in the future. One of them is content. On a website, there is certainly a variety of content, one of which is an article. The existence of content on the website becomes an obligation. If there is no updated content, the website will look like it has not been taken care of. Its ranking in the Google search engine can be bad. But not only have to do the update, but also must be considered in terms of duplicate content. Actually how to deal with duplicate WordPress content.

On its own website, the matter of duplicate content becomes a crucial point that must be taken care of. From the name itself it is clear what duplicate content is. Duplicate content is the presence of content that has up to 100% in common. But duplicate content does not matter whether the entire article has the same structure with other articles. As long as they have the same line of sentences, then they are counted as duplicate content.

As a problem, of course duplicate content is not a good sign for a website. When there is duplicate content, then the website page will not be considered a good page. The rankings are definitely down in search results or commonly called SERP.

In order to overcome this duplicate content, especially in WordPress, there are actually several ways you can do it. What are the ways? Check out the explanation below.

First step

Duplicate content actually needs to check deeper. Of course the first way is to check every content manually. But this can be done if the amount of content on your website is still small.

When the website that is taken care of already has a lot of content, then you can use some of the tools available today. When you find duplicate content on your website, there are two choices you can make, one of which. First, you want to change the same content or choose to delete it. The choice is in your hand.

Second step

Duplicate content not only deals with the content, but also Meta Tags. So that the meta tags that each content has are different and are not considered duplicates, there are a number of points that you must understand.

First, in terms of the title of the content. You have to make sure that all the sentences in each title are different. Do not get 100% the same. Of course it will count as duplicate content and add to the problem for the survival of your website.

Second, meta descriptions can also be counted as duplicate content. If there is indeed duplicate content from the meta description side, then all meta descriptions must be changed. In making a meta description, it must be able to include what the content of the content is so that Google’s readers and engines can understand. Then don’t forget to also include targeted keywords in the content to be more optimal in terms of SEO optimization

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